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Louisiana Insurance Report

Louisiana Tops List of Most Expensive States for Auto Insurance

Posted by Levi Kastner on Dec 5, 2018 9:42:25 AM

A new study from the IRC (Insurance Research Council) ranks Louisiana at the top of the list of least affordable states for auto insurance.

This past year, only three states earned the notorious distinction for having rates above $2000. The rates were calculated by looking at the average of a 2018 model-year version of America’s 20 best-selling vehicles.

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Why Is Commercial Insurance Important For Your Business?

Posted by Levi Kastner on Oct 18, 2018 7:32:00 AM

Even if you have a successful business, disaster could strike at any moment and force you to shut your doors. Successful companies typically carry insurance to mitigate the risk of unforeseen damage. Although it might seem tempting to cut costs by forgoing insurance, business experts like the Small Business Administration (SBA) highly recommend maintaining a business insurance policy.

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Natural Catastrophes: Three Ways To Mitigate Business Risk

Posted by Levi Kastner on Oct 5, 2018 6:22:26 AM


  • Natural catastrophes are increasing in both frequency and cost, leaving businesses vulnerable.
  • Fully understanding the risks and preparing a business continuity plan are the keys to mitigating loss.

We all know that disaster can strike at any time. Unfortunately, “any time” is occurring on a more frequent basis. Natural catastrophes like hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, floods, and severe storms have long-term economic and social consequences for businesses — and these devastating and expensive events are on the rise.

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2018 Workplace Safety Index: The Top 10 Causes of Disabling Injuries

Posted by Levi Kastner on Sep 21, 2018 3:41:08 AM

Let’s start with the good news: workplaces are getting a little safer, with a 1.5 percent overall reduction in serious accidents. The bad news? Serious workplace injuries cost businesses more than $58 billion per year — a nearly 3 percent increase from the 2017 findings.

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Everything You Need To Know About Cyber Insurance

Posted by Levi Kastner on Sep 2, 2018 4:37:20 PM

Cyber insurance is a growing segment of the insurance market. It helps companies avoid incurring huge losses from database security breaches. With so much money and personal information exchanged through and stored on the internet every day, cyber crime cannot be ignored. Many organized criminal groups consider small businesses especially easy targets with low risk and high payoffs.

Cyber insurance can include first-party and third-party coverage. The first-party coverage mitigates the expenses your company incurs, which can include legal fees, system repairs, lost income, and public relations. Third-party coverage involves claims against your company from outside parties, such as your clients who were affected by the breach.

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3 Homeowner Mistakes You Must Avoid

Posted by Levi Kastner on Aug 15, 2018 5:05:13 AM

Few things in life are as stressful as buying a home. That is, until something goes wrong with it. The real work of owning a house often begins after moving in, but you can start the journey well-prepared by being aware of these common pitfalls. 

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Why Flood Insurance Should Be On Your To-Do List

Posted by Levi Kastner on Aug 11, 2018 11:35:55 AM

Going to the doctor. Getting exercise. Eating healthy

That’s a short list of things we know are good for us, yet tend to put off or avoid doing altogether. Purchasing flood insurance almost makes the list, except for one major difference: everyone knows those other things are good for them, but the average property owner is woefully unaware of the risks of not insuring against flood.

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Louisiana Marine Insurance Facing Rough Seas

Posted by Levi Kastner on Aug 7, 2018 6:00:56 PM


Premium price wars have reduced income as much as 50 percent.

With one in five Louisiana jobs tied to the maritime industry, managing risk on the ships, boats, barges and ports, shipyards and offshore oil rigs that serve our region has a major impact on the state’s economy.

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You Down With GWC? Yea You Know Me! (Save Time and Money in Your Hiring Process)

Posted by Levi Kastner on Aug 7, 2018 10:06:42 AM
Being in a hiring phase here at Thimmesch and Kastner Insurance, we are both grateful for the growth while simultaneously very intentional when it comes to adding outside members to our tightly knit internal team. 
I started this journey because I was unhappy with my current situation and the caps that were placed on what I could and couldn't do.
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6 Signs That You Are Working With A High Performance Insurance Agent

Posted by Tyler LaFleur on Jul 19, 2018 9:12:47 AM

What makes a great insurance agent? 

  1. They are an independent agency. (Aka they shop FOR you)
  2. You were referred to them by family or a friend. (Clearly they make the cut)
  3. They ask about you and discuss your actual insurance needs. Not just throw packages at you and high level jargon.
  4. They are just getting started once you sign with them. (Customer service should be their calling card)
  5. They act as insurance concierge. (No one wants to be fumbling through their insurance binders for a number to call when something goes wrong.)
  6. They explain what to do in order to lower your rates and call you whenever there is something you can do to lower your coverage plans.
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