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How to Avoid Becoming a Holiday Fire Victim!

Posted by Tyler LaFleur on Nov 21, 2018 7:24:29 PM
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Most people don't realize how serious of a matter or how prevalent holiday fires tend to be.

Yet, as humorous as they may be to view from the safety of our web browser as we skim through Youtube, cooking fires are no laughing matter.

But, come on, I mean, how prevalent can they be right? 

Well, according to some sources, up to 72% of Thanksgiving day fires are due to errors in the kitchen.

With that being the case, you may want to read up on your home insurance policy...


So, how can you avoid becoming a statistic? 

By avoiding the following common mistakes by holiday chefs:

1. Cooking on uncleaned surfaces or in uncleaned pots and pans.

Turns out that old grease is pretty dang flammable!

2. Unintentionally leaving the burner on.

Don't drink and ... fry?

3. Misusing cookware.

Please don't try and fry a turkey in anything but a boiling pot. 

4. Leaving Combustibles too close to heat sources.

Oh you know, just keeping the Pam spray nuzzled up against the burner.

5. Forgetting about abandoned or discarded materials.

Be sure to mind and properly dispose of packaging, wrappers, and for God's sake, tuck in your shirt.


6. And finally, leaving the cooking or heat sources unattended.

Whether you fall asleep before finishing the meal or the kids get into the fireworks early, when not in direct use, be sure to keep a close eye on the heat sources... and grandpa!

There you have it. Avoid this common mistakes and you will drastically minimize your risk of becoming a Thanksgiving day statistic.

No one wants to share their holiday meal with ER nurses or have to utilize their liability policy due to negligence.

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