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Tyler LaFleur

Owner and CEO of HPHI (High Performance Health Institute)
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How to Avoid Becoming a Holiday Fire Victim!

Posted by Tyler LaFleur on Nov 21, 2018 7:24:29 PM



Most people don't realize how serious of a matter or how prevalent holiday fires tend to be.

Yet, as humorous as they may be to view from the safety of our web browser as we skim through Youtube, cooking fires are no laughing matter.

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Topics: Insider, Natural Disaster

Are you Average or Elite? What Do Your Results Show?

Posted by Tyler LaFleur on Nov 12, 2018 12:09:48 PM


For something that most people can’t stand the thought of being, they find themselves falling into the terrible category of the wretched “Average.”

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6 Signs That You Are Working With A High Performance Insurance Agent

Posted by Tyler LaFleur on Jul 19, 2018 9:12:47 AM

What makes a great insurance agent? 

  1. They are an independent agency. (Aka they shop FOR you)
  2. You were referred to them by family or a friend. (Clearly they make the cut)
  3. They ask about you and discuss your actual insurance needs. Not just throw packages at you and high level jargon.
  4. They are just getting started once you sign with them. (Customer service should be their calling card)
  5. They act as insurance concierge. (No one wants to be fumbling through their insurance binders for a number to call when something goes wrong.)
  6. They explain what to do in order to lower your rates and call you whenever there is something you can do to lower your coverage plans.
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